Transformation House: Energy-Efficient, Flexible, Green and Accessible

February 20, 2012

I’m wrapping up the green certification process for one very uniquely accommodating model home. It’s a practical size (just over 2500 sq. ft.) with a practical price tag. In fact, it’s perfect for: baby boomers wanting to downsize, young couples just starting out and families with multiple members.  This home will also oblige people needing […]

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Closed- and Open-Cell Foam Attic Insulation Combo; An Option Worth Considering

December 8, 2011

Not sure which foam attic insulation to choose… open- or closed-cell? One builder is using both and saving money in the process. To understand the reasoning behind his decision, let’s begin with the benefits of a sealed, foam-insulated attic and move onto the open / closed-cell argument. There are several benefits to a sealed, foam-insulated […]

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Missing Insulation: Do You Have a Hole in Your House?

November 8, 2011

Here are a couple areas of your home that can easily become energy-wasting “holes” simply because of construction timing. Here’s where and why: Why is it common for the exterior wall behind the tub to never see insulation or drywall? Because bathtubs are installed before these two products are needed in the rest of the house. […]

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Magnesium Oxide Board: Build Healthy Walls

October 10, 2011

I bet you never considered drywall to be a potentially toxic product until the Chinese drywall problem raised its ugly head back in 2008. Unfortunately, we’re still not out of the woods for drywall made here or in China. Even today, gypsum board can contain mercury and formaldehyde that in turn off gases into your […]

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Most Showers are NOT Waterproof; Build One that Is

September 28, 2011

It’s true; most tile-lined showers are definitely not waterproof. Grout is porous and just a hairline crack can lead to major problems. These characteristics can be exacerbated or handled by what’s behind the tile. Here are a couple dos and don’ts for shower construction. Never use green board: If you’d like to tear out your […]

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Are These 3 Home Design Errors Hidden in Your Plans?

September 21, 2011

Some design problems are simply not easily detected on plans. Unfortunately, when they do become obvious, it can be difficult or too costly to make corrections. Here are a few I’ve photographed in newly constructed production model homes. Sadly, these errors will be duplicated again and again as carbon-copy homes are built. Awkward Built-in Ironing […]

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Lower Your Water Bill by Converting Your Toilets to Dual-Flush; We Installed a HydroRight and It Works!

September 14, 2011

Next time the flapper dies in one of your commodes, consider converting it to dual-flush. Why? First of all the conversion eliminates the flapper! If that’s not enough, consider the following: * The converter is inexpensive: We purchased the HydroRight™  Dual Flush Converter at Home Depot for $25.00. * Saves money: Since the 1992, toilets […]

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4 Extraordinary Kitchen Drawer Designs Add Organized Space

September 5, 2011

My sisters and I converged in upstate New York this past spring to continue our family history research. One of the best aspects of our trip was our stay at an amazing bed and breakfast,, run by an incredible couple. You’re probably asking what on Earth does this have to do with kitchen drawer […]

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A Wet and Forget Review: Our Clean Driveway Story

August 29, 2011

Part of green home construction involves respect for the land and reducing toxic storm water runoff. We can do our part by reducing the fertilizers and chemicals used on our turf and hard surfaces (like driveways and sidewalks). For this reason I was intrigued by the Wet and Forget® product promoted as an easy and more […]

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Planning for Pets: Built-in Litter Box Placement

August 22, 2011

There are so many features you can incorporate into your new home or remodeling project to simplify daily living, and planning for pets is a perfect example. A little careful forethought during the design stage of your home will enhance harmonious living with your furry or feathered family members. Have you thought about crate or cage […]

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