REMODology: The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process

by tracy on November 6, 2012

Can you imagine breaking ground on your remodeling project with all bases covered (even those that might lead to potential problems), with all the details on the table, and with confirmation of these details in writing? Wouldn’t it be great to have the peace of mind that comes from pre-determining specifics such as:

  • All Costs: For example, if the price of an allowance item goes up, will the remodeler add a percentage to the cost increase? Or, who pays for the additional power needed during construction.
  • Matching Components: Will your new and existing windows match? What about interior trim? If your existing walls are plaster as opposed to drywall, will the new walls be plaster, too?
  • Construction Area: How will living and construction areas be separated to confine dirt and debris, minimize safety hazards, protect against inclement weather, etc.? Is creating a temporary kitchen a possibility? What items should be moved before construction begins? If needed, will the builder construct an alternate access so workers don’t have to enter and exit through existing living spaces?

The points listed above represent just a fraction of the many topics homeowners should consider before committing to a remodeling project. If you’ve remodeled before, you know the value of working with a builder who practices full disclosure, engages in a thorough discussion of the construction process, and confirms all final decisions in writing.      

REMODology – The Beginning: From the time Stephen Gidus and his brother Paul started PSG Construction in 1987, they began developing and promoting remodeling methods that worked for everyone involved. As Stephen put it, “Along the way I realized a step-by-step process of educating my clients about their individual remodeling projects was the best way for both of us to achieve our individual goals.” Years of experience honed his vision into a win-win, friction-free process for builders and homeowners alike.

Stephen worked hard for 25 years to promote a partnership of trust between builders and homeowners. He believed the best way to do this was to: (1) bring a consistent level of knowledge and professionalism to the industry, and (2) provide the homeowner with a thorough understanding of the remodeling process. In 2010 he began to distill the mechanics of his vision into a comprehensive program that addresses issues affecting both homeowners and builders. Called REMODology, this unique program includes the following components:

REMODology – Homeowner Education:

Books (also available for Kindle and Nook)

  • Up-Front Remodeling: Learn what you should know before starting a home remodeling project. (For a free copy in PDF format visit REMODology.

  • Avoid the “He Said/She Said” Syndrome: Know what questions to ask and see your expectations in writing before construction begins.
  • Conflict-Free Home Remodeling: Learn how to avoid conflicts between budget and design, between family members and the construction crews that sometimes spend many weeks on site; between your savings and the distress of unanticipated and avoidable changes.
  • Peaceful Home Remodeling:  Successful and peaceful relationships between remodelers and homeowners don’t happen by chance. They happen through communication. In addition to the construction specifications, there are other potential pitfalls that can happen throughout construction. Identification and discussion of these items prior to the start of construction can dramatically affect the outcome of your project (and is key to avoiding litigation).

Access to Remodeling Partners

  • A list of building professionals who practice the conflict-free home remodeling process is provided at REMODology.

REMODology – Builder Education and Support:

Books (also available for Kindle and Nook)

  • Get Paid for Your Time: This book shows builders how to be paid for the enormous amount of time involved in estimating and planning a project. It has changed the business model of many remodelers. (For a free copy in PDF format visit REMODology.)

  • Conflict-Free Home Remodeling: Discover the proven two-phase, six-step process that has increased the worth, referrals, repeat business, and satisfaction of every remodeler who has put it into practice.
  • Up-Front Remodeling: Learn how to avoid bidding failure, what the homeowner should know before starting a home remodeling project, and the process associated with knowing those details and costs before construction.
  • Peaceful Home Remodeling: In addition to the construction specifications, there are other potential pitfalls that can happen throughout construction. Identification and discussion of these items prior to the start of construction can dramatically affect the outcome of your project (and is key to avoiding litigation). Successful and peaceful relationships between remodelers and homeowners don’t happen by chance. They happen through communication.

Remodeler Partner Program

  • Builders can widen their potential client base and increase their business savvy (and bottom line) by partnering with REMODology. In addition to learning how to get paid for your time, partnership comes with benefits such as marketing, qualified leads, and additional support materials.


  • Free webinars teach builders how to increase referrals and improve earnings.

Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Course

  • This unique, attention-grabbing three-voice approach to online learning includes the narrator (older gentleman), Bonnie, the lady who talks about what the homeowner is learning in the books, and Stephen Gidus, the author and founder who offers opinions where appropriate and personal stories that relate to the subject.
  • Links to valuable downloadable documents are provided throughout the course.
  • Florida licensed contractors who complete the course can earn 12 continuing education (CE) credits. Additional state CEs are in the works.

REMODology – The Launch: Stephen was a detail-oriented person, so he wanted all components of REMODology in place before sharing it with anyone beyond his development team. His goal was to launch the new program on October 11, 2012, at the Remodeling Show in Baltimore, Maryland.

In December 2011 Stephen was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer, but he continued to work toward his goal. He lost his battle with cancer a few weeks ago but, in true Stephen form, he made sure he left us that everything and everyone was in place to make his dream come true. On October 11, 2012, the day of his funeral, REMODology was officially presented in Baltimore.

I worked with Stephen for many years, but until I attended the celebration of his life, I had no idea what an incredible life he had led. His dedication to family and friends, his efforts in the growth of his church, his program for the homeless, his passion for running, and his leadership in many industry organizations are a testament to his zest for life and concern for his fellow man. His family and friends, his colleagues and clients, and the community at large have lost an invaluable resource.

Acclaimed author and speaker Stephen Covey in his book First Things First encourages us “to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy.” Stephen Gidus lived, loved, and learned with more passion during his 50 years than many privileged to live much longer. Through REMODology, he has left a legacy of knowledge, experience, and remodeling expertise that we can draw on far into the future.

REMODology – For You: I end each of my blog entries with “the difference is in the details.” Why? Because exercising due diligence in the beginning of any building or remodeling project minimizes unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, avoids construction delays, and helps reduce anxiety and conflict during the building process.

REMODology is designed to make a difference by dealing with exactly that—the details. Knowing the details gives homeowners a full understanding of their remodeling project. Conveying the details effectively helps builders lead their clients through the process. Take advantage of this unique tool; you’ll be very glad you did. (A growing list of builders who are REMODology graduates is posted on the REMODology website, REMODology.)

PS: Don’t forget to download your free book, Up-Front Remodeling.

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Mario Espinosa November 8, 2012 at 7:58 am

Pls let me know where is the free PDF version of the information you are offering.

Best regards


tracy November 8, 2012 at 9:44 am

Mario, Go to, click on “homeowners read more”, then click on the botton on the right that says “free remodeling book”.


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