Home Building: 4 Choices You Won’t Get to Make, Unless.. (Part 2)

by tracy on September 10, 2012

The whole point of building your own home is having the opportunity to choose what you want, but some selections can be left up to chance unless you get involved. Without your input you will more than likely miss out on preferred options and conveniences.

In Part 1 of this blog series we talked about bath fan and HVAC choices. Here we add a third product to the list of functional elements that can easily get lost in the vast array of building decisions.

Garbage Disposal: When the builder asks if you want a garbage disposal, will you simply answer ‘yes’ and leave it at that? If so, you may have just put the plumber in charge of deciding what unit you’ll receive.

Garbage disposals offer a variety of features including increased horse power, lower noise level, single- or double-blade grinding, enhanced septic tank compatibility, stainless interiors and exteriors and antivibration qualities. Which of these features do you think you’ll get if you’re not involved in the selection process? You guessed it: The underside of your sink is liable to be sporting the bottom-of-the-line model (or close to it).

We recently upgraded to one of the new disposals claiming a very low noise level due to its’ grinding mechanism. They weren’t kidding. Our family area and kitchen is one big room and now the disposal is so silent that it can be used without interrupting the TV. In fact, we didn’t think it was working at first – it’s that quiet!

In a production home situation, the builder may already have selected a particular disposal, but you can still ask about options/upgrades.

If you haven’t already been asked whether you want the disposal mounted beneath the left or right side of your double-bowl sink, let your builder know your preference. Otherwise, this detail could also be left to the plumber’s discretion.

The garbage disposal is just one more example of those not-so-exciting selections where discovering and choosing your preferred options can make daily life just a little easier.

And, as always, The Difference is in the Details!

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