A Wet and Forget Review: Our Clean Driveway Story

by tracy on August 29, 2011

Part of green home construction involves respect for the land and reducing toxic storm water runoff. We can do our part by reducing the fertilizers and chemicals used on our turf and hard surfaces (like driveways and sidewalks).

Wet and Forget

For this reason I was intrigued by the Wet and Forget® product promoted as an easy and more natural method for removing mold from driveways and sidewalks. They advertise “Non-caustic. Non-acidic. No bleach. No pressure washing. No elbow grease.” Our normal method of driveway cleaning involves application of a Clorox solution which works but is toxic to the environment and the person doing the cleaning. That said, we decided to give the Wet and Forget product a shot on our very dirty concrete driveway and sidewalk.

Application of Wet and Forget: Our story begins on April 4, 2010. We mixed the product as instructed for removal of moss, mold, algae, and mildew – 1 part Wet and Forget to 5 parts water – and used garden pump sprayers to coat the driveway. Our house sits 60 feet back from the road and we needed to clean a sidewalk along with a semi-circular driveway and a driveway leading to a side-opening garage. This process took two people 2 ½ hours and consumed 5 ½ bottles of the product.

Results: According to Wet and Forget, their product can take several months to work and they aren’t kidding. We didn’t see any difference for approximately 4 months but we are STILL very pleased with the results. The “after” photos below show why. They were taken yesterday, August 28, 2011! We’re amazed at the residual characteristic of Wet and Forget. We deal with the humidity and large amount of rain that comes with living in Florida and a Clorox cleaning never hung in there this long. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Wet and Forget is not limited to cleaning concrete. According to their instructions, you’re good to go if your driveway is comprised of pavers or asphalt or just about any other product. Take a look at their website for a list of  where Wet and Forget can be used and for access to their store locator, www.wetandforget.com.

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